Saturday, November 03, 2007

updates and a crotchety old lady :)

well, (amazingly) after just receiving my perm. res. notice at the beginning of the week, i got my actual card in the mail today! HOORAH!! After 10 years of immigration forms and various visas, i now have a 10 year break!! YAY!

Today was a pretty productive day...although it didn't look like it all day long. I had a lot of "hidden cleaning" to do. You know, the kind where you need to clean out drawers and closets etc...FUN! It's time consuming but generally worth it and satisfying in the end.

Nathan has finished dry walling and painting the laundry room!! HALLELUJAH!! So i got excited about cleaning the washing machine and dryer and wiping down the cabinets. Nathan even hung my red Barn star over the wash sink! :) It's looking cozier and less dreary now! That also lead to 4 loads of laundry done today. not bad! :)

We took a walk tonight as it was getting dark. there isn't anywhere safe for us to walk in our "neighborhood" (no sidewalks, fairly busy rural road) so we walk about a 1/4 mile to a cemetery on a hill near our house. It hilly so it makes for a good walk and we can let jackson out of his stroller to run around. He loves to push his own stroller. He practically runs with it. My "worst" fear happened this evening when he ran faster then he could handle and biffed right on his face!! His poor little face has taken a real beating in the past few months, but thankfully, he came away unscathed!

Now, onto the crotchety old lady...

So, I went and got groceries yesterday. I scanned the lanes for the shortest wait time. I positioned myself in lane #4 behind a lady who i imagined lived alone. cat food, individually packaged meals, tea bags. ANYWAY, I began to place my groceries on the belt. As I finish unloading it's my turn. The cashier greets me, i return a hello and then i hear a wabbly shakey voice from the end of the lane say hello. "WOW," i thought to myself, " it's interesting that my bagger lady is 100 years old!" I said hello back and observed how seemingly sweet this little old lady must be. She was little, had white hair, wrinkly soft looking skin and arthritic looking hands. She asked me if i wanted her to bag my groceries in bags and i sort of chuckled and said "yes please." (where else would she put them????) I glanced at the screen to make sure that i was paying what i had planned and as i looked bag to the old lady she was about to place my groceries in the $.99 enviro bags. I told her that i actually would just take plastic. (EXIT SWEET LITTLE OLD LADY...ENTER CROTCHETY OLD LADY) She began to lecture me on how i needed to use the bags. I informed her that i was not prepared today to pay for the bags. then she proceeded to scold me about how i was killing the earth and i should be ashamed of myself. I told her that i had two little kids therefore 2 diaper bags and it's not something i am interested in carrying in extra bags. She said that i should put the groceries in the diaper bags! Was she serious or was i getting Punked?? Against my better judgment i kept replying to her ridiculous comments. Then she told me that i had better get these bags ASAP b/c i shouldn't expect everyone else to take care of the earth for my two kids if i wasn't going to contribute! AHHHHHHH!!!!! Just bag my groceries lady and let me get out of here!! The cashier didn't even acknowledge that she was alive. I should have taken her lead. Sheesh!

Well, that's all for now, i am going to feed Owen for the last time today and enjoy the yummy, yummy "fall back" night!! WOOHOO!!


Karen said...

O my goodness! Unbelievable! Did you report her?

I completely forgot about setting the clocks back. Awesome.

Sara said...

That was VERY fun to read!! So funny! I am not really a green person--prob should be, but I'm just not, honestly. I would have had a good time with her:)
Your boys are as precious as they can be, and very creative with the carrot stick! Kudos, Mom.

Kelly Glupker said...

I read in a magazine today that we should all purchase reuseable grocery bags to save the earth. You can buy five of them for "only" $35. Sorry to say but I will hurt the environment before I spend that kind of money. I don't know about you, but when I get groceries I use A LOT of bags. 5 wouldn't cut it and I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on stinkin' bags!

Alicia said...

I agree with the crochety old lady but she shouldn't have pressured you so much! I use big ole canvas bags for my groceries and we somehow still end up with lots of extraneous plastic bags. Maybe I'll have to post on this subject because I think it's important also and there are cheaper alternatives to the 5 for $35 bags Kelly referred to. I have 4 huge canvas bags that I've been using for about 5 years now and I can always fit all my groceries in them. Anyways, it wasn't that lady's place to get all debate-y on you. It's a choice that everyone should think about but it certainly shouldn't be crammed down your throat!

Your laundry room sounds cute! Be sure to post pix when you get a chance. I love seeing your decorating in action so I can steal ideas. :) What did you end up deciding on for the craft project?

Ben and Carissa said...

Hey Shyla! I just noticed your comment on my blog and was so glad to hear from you! Congratulations on your little Owen. I love that name!! My kiddies are all 16 months apart - I don't know how that happened really, but I've decided that Ben and I are sleeping in seperate bedrooms during that "magic month" this time around! I loved the old lady story. Way to stick to your guns!

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

Love the story! I would have just asked her to buy them for me if they were so important...I hate when people are pushy!
I am doing great...thanks for asking...7 months and counting.
I am still waiting to hear details of Owen's birth...remember my message to you on facebook??? I know you are busy, so I will be as patient as possible...but if you have a second...I'd love to hear!
Have a wonderful day!

Kelly Glupker said...

check out my blog

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