Tuesday, July 24, 2007

wedding update...

wow, i have a lot to share!! I ordered a new usb cord, to hopefully if will be here by the end of the week so i can show you all pictures!

Well, i guess i will start a week ago on Friday night. Jackson and I were playing outside waiting for daddy to come home. Jackson was on the front porch sitting pretty and I was looking at something in the other direction when all of the sudden I heard his head his the pavement. only, when i turned around, I looked in horror as I saw him lying on his face and he was bloody! So, I scooped him up, made a mad pregnant dash into the house as he shrieked in my ear and went straight to the bathroom, placed him in the tub to assess the damage. He continued to cry (and I was close) and as i wiped away all of the blood, he started to flap his arm with excitement b/c he saw that he was in the tub!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! I thought we had lost his few precious teeth - but his nose took the entire fall! Scraped the flesh right off of the tip. It looked horrible. But he never made a peep about it and was more upset that I pulled him out of the tub and then forgot all about the tub when he realized he could go outside again! BOYS!! He looked like rudolph - and just in time to meet all of my friends at cory's wedding!! Super!

Saturday morning we woke up and Jackson no longer looked like Rudolph, but had graduated to naaman the leper!! The scab was so dark and his nose was so bruised that from a distance it looked like he was missing his nose. Sad!!

Nathan and i packed and we all headed off for West Virginia for Cory's wedding. It was only about a 5hr. trip for us, so we had planned to leave around 9am, and then get to our hotel around 3pm to relax and let Jackson get the wiggles out b4 the wedding. We decided since it was just overnight, we'd pack one garment bag and I would pack our lunch for Saturday to minimize our costs.

Enter Reality....

3hrs. into our trip, we stopped at a McD's for a break and coffee. I was loading jackson back into his carseat and nathan was looking in the back of the Explorer for something and then he asked me where the garment bag was. I looked at him - puzzled - and said that he was the one who carried the bags to the car (since i am great with child) and said where else would they be but in the back of the car? He sorta smirked sheepishly and then I knew!! WE FORGOT ALL OF OUR CLOTHES!!! We were 3 hrs. down the road. The wedding was in 5 hrs. there was no way we could turn around and go home or we would have missed the wedding. Nate was like "what do we do, babe?" and spoken like a true girl, i said "honey...we have to SHOP!!!"
You should have seen the look on his face! This wasn't turning out to be as cheap as we had hoped.

At this point, i would like to educate you all on the Nathan Rohrer family motto when it comes to packing, planning, and gathering belongings on the way to anywhere.

It is "check, check and double check"!!

This was such a fun thing to chuckle over as we headed further down the road. I just kept chuckling and nathan just kept shaking his head. HILARIOUS!

So, I googled the areas we were driving through for a SuperWalmart, hoping we could find decent enough looking clothes for SUPER cheap and I knew they had maternity. We found one and it turned out to be attached to A MALL!!!! We tore through the mall, destroying changing rooms left and right trying to find something to wear to the wedding. You can imagine my dilema at 36 weeks trying to find something to wear!!! It was fun, however, to shop without looking at price tags! LOL. It was T minus 3 hrs. until the wedding and we were 2 hrs away from getting there! STRESS!!

I found a dress that wasn't maternity, but my size with an empire waist that turned out great - and i got a necklace, bracelet and earrings to match!! bonus!!
Jackson's outfit rang up 75% off at the register and ended up being $3.91 for the shorts and $3.91 for his shirt!! (sadly jackson and i had shoes in the back of the car, so we didn't luck out with a new pair of shoes! :)

Nathan needed EVERYTHING! Shoes, socks, pants, shirt, undershirt, belt (i am actually chuckling as i type this!!) Needless to say, Mr. Rohrer's outfit blew our budget (and HOW) for the weekend. He just shook his head. LOL All is said was "good thing i packed our lunch to save money on our trip!" we both laughed!

The wedding was nice and it was so good to see our friends that we hadn't seen since graduation - Giles and Janel Litzner. We also got to see his parents and sister which was an added blessing b/c Giles' family was like a second family to me while I was at NBBC. Of course, we saw Cory's parents which was an extra special treat! They are such dear people. It was like going to a family reunion instead of a wedding. My girl Jen Ostergard was there as well and as happy as I was to see her, I know Jackson was happier to see her b/c she is soooo much fun!

Overall, it was a wonderful trip - ESPECIALLY b/c we got to go shopping! :) heehee!! It's also fun to travel with nathan b/c we end up getting to talk for hours on end about anything - but atleast it's the two of us talking for an uninterrupted amount of time that we wouldn't normally have with all the chillin's around! :)

We stopped on the way home for a couple of sight seeing opportunities....WV is very beautiful - you just have to look past the trailers and 4x4's :) But there were some beautiful views of the mountians and rolling hills...it was breathtaking!

Well, I hope you all aren't too exhausted from reading this and you enjoyed the pictures!
I have a baby shower tonight that we planned for my friend erin, i will post pics of that when it's over!
See ya!


Kelly Glupker said...

This story is hilarious!

Heather said...

I just love reading your blogs, especially this one!! I can just picture Nathan and the you after you saw that there was no overnight bag...:) So glad that you had a wonderful time at the wedding!

Alicia said...

Oh my, what a funny story! Good thing your hubby wasn't too upset about all that added expense. My Matt would have turned around in a heart beat instead of having to buy new clothes! :) Can't wait to see pix of your new wedding outfits and Jackson's sad little nose! How's he doing?

WV totally gets the shaft. I think it's an absolutely gorgeous state!

Tricia said...

Shyla, that is too funny! We've forgotten some important things before, but never all our clothes. I'm sure it will happen one of these days!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics!!! And you rocked in your outfit. Nate looks good too! (You must havehelped ;)

xo! stay safe!


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