Sunday, May 06, 2007

point form updates

so, i guess i should write something on here huh! :)

this is actually a bad time to be writing b/c i am uninteresting in typing b/c i am so tired - but i will fill you in on what's been up in point form notes for your convenience :) and mine! :)

- we had a ladies seminar at HighPoint at the end of april. it was a great success! my friend courtney and i did a craft "workshop" with ladies who signed up and they made spring flower arragements (sorta! :) it was interesting how they all turned out - but hey, they were happy!

- I lead the music for the weekend. there were about 400 or so ladies there. I told nathan i was a little nervous that i wasn't very nervous. thankfully all went well and i didn't split my skirt or anything! )

- jackson was throwing up the entire time i was at ladies seminar!! argh! He ended up being sick for an entire week with some freakish stomach bug that atleast 3 of his peers contracted as well. He threw up for a few days then sunday he was better

- monday we ended up in the emergency room b/c although he was breathing -his feet, hands, and lips were blue - so my dr. sent us straight to the emergency room.

- he was lethargic all morning and then at the hospital he was falling asleep and then all of the sudden he threw up ALL over the emergency room waiting floor, soaked me, himself and then made a trail all the way back to the nurses desk while i ran for help. nightmare!

- they had no explanation for the blueness. he lost 2 lbs.

- do i sound as tired as i think? :)

- i went with nathan to long island this weekend to help him at a convention and left jackson with nate's mom. it's amazing how hard it is to leave your little baby behind! nate and i were at a restaurant and there was a highchair in the corner and i got all teary! hilarious! it's funny how having a baby changes you!

- so, now we are home finally, jackson will be a year old in 8 days!! man! time flies. i will have LOTS of pics to post of that little shindig! don't you worry! :)


Heather said...

So glad to see your update!! How scary for you and your little guy!!! Hopefully he is getting better and you are getting some much needed rest today!!

A year old ALREADY!!! How time flies!! When is your due date??

Karen said...

My GOODNESS! Poor little sweetie! I hope he stays well for awhile... at least until his birthday bash. And I hope you can get some much-needed rest, too.

Shyla said...

i am due August 11

Heather said...

So they will be about as close as Victoria and Logan may not care to know this, but when I first brought Logan home, I was so OVERWHELMED!!! I didn't know what to do with two babies. I just had to stay on my toes and get as much sleep as possible...

I will tell you this gets much better. Victoria will be 5 this summer and Logan will be 4 in the fall. They love one another and she protects him like a little mother hen. Some days are still rough, but I am so thankful that I had them at the ages I did.

Not sure why I am telling you all are a great mom and you will do an excellent job!!!

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