Thursday, April 19, 2007

this and that

hello everyone!
everything here is going just fine. I am 22 weeks pregnant now and feel pretty well other than the usual aches that i experienced with jackson...don't worry details!! Anyway, jackson is so fun! He has been walking for about 3 weeks now and is getting so good at it! I actually think that the fact that he is walking is making the thought of another bambino so soon a little more "doable"! :) I have felt a lot more at ease since he has started walking. It's sort of funny being pregnant for all of these firsts for Jackson. I wonder if i would be as emotional about him getting a tooth or walking if i wasn't hormonal and pregnant! :) I mean, i got all teary when he cut his first tooth! ) i am admittedly getting teary as I type! :) I think that I am getting teary right now b/c I have dropped Jackson off at his gramma's house for the next 2 days while I accompany Nathan to a convention that he has in Maryland. I have never left Jackson - EVER - over night. He has never been put to sleep by or got up in the morning to see anyone else but me! He did just fine though! I have checked in already and he went right to sleep! I think it will be harder on me than him! :)

I am, however, excited at the thought of being alone with nate for the weekend - even if he is working for the majority of our trip. We left spontaneously this evening (instead of tomorrow morning as planned) and so we have an extra night in the hotel and it's been so fun just to talk to each other on the way down here. It's funny that you think that you talk everyday, but it's not until times like this alone that you realize how nice it is to talk!

So, i am sitting in the parking lot at Applebee's in MD and blogging while nate's getting an appetizer....oh - speak of the nate! here he is! See y'all!

I'll post pics of jackson soon.


WILD GHESE said...

you're off to a great start! have a great time.

Kelli said...

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend away with Nate. At least Jackson is with his Grandma, who you know loves him to death! You know she is enjoying herself as well. Be glad that Jackson is walking! Bryce & I are only 14 months apart and when my mom was in the hospital having me, my grandma was trying to get Bryce to learn how to walk by walking with him up and down the hallways! He was so laid back he didn't really care about walking. Glad you are feeling well!

Alicia said...

Enjoy your weekend away with Nate! Be sure to sleep in late and be lazy. Congrats to Jackson on his walking! I'm sure he'll do great with a new sibling. And I've heard that as they get older, close-in-age siblings make great playmates.

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