Friday, March 02, 2007

Round 3 - Ding!

Another sick post. Are these getting old for you all to read? They are getting old to post! ;)

Jackson got a 102F Fever on wednesday, still there all day thursday on and off and this morning he woke up and it was scary worse. Not in the sense that he had gotten worse - actually, his fever was only 100.7 this AM, but he was very tired and sluggish. (sigh) So, I gave him his botle and he would take a few sips, and then sleep for a few minutes - then he would wake up crying and do the same thing over again. Then eventually, his bottle was done and he just put his head on my chest and made little moaning noises. Poor little guy. THEN OUT OF NOOOOOOOOOWhere, projectile (in the truest sense of the word) vomitted milk came shooting out and SOAKED my couch, soaked ME completely (ick!!) and Soaked jackson. I sort of wanted to cry and throw up all at the same time. I mean, it came out of his nose. So, i called the Dr. and they got me and appointment right away - but when i got there, we had to wait an hour to get to the exam room and then another 20 minutes to see the dr. and then 5 minutes for the dr. to see him and tell us that he has has an ear infection and throat infection - just like his mommy. Sad.
So, here we go again. Atleast the Lord allowed me to get better b/4 it happened to Jackson.
Thankfully he is a smiley baby even through the fevers and soreness.
Take your vitamins and stay well! :)


Heather said...

Oh, poor Jackson!! Get better soon, little guy!!

You are right. At least you are feeling better!!

Carrie said...

Poor little guy! We had a similar bug a while ago--well, we had the throwing up bug first, then a few weeks later we got the ear infection bug which was also accompanied by pinkeye! In both cases, the kids and I all got the same thing and Jim stayed healthy (thankfully--so he could take care of the rest of us!).

Being sick is NO fun and I'm sure it is that much worse to deal with while you're pregnant. I'll pray that Jackson feels much better very soon!!

Jennifer said...

Hey I came across your page off of Taryns, I hope you don't mind! I love seeing other peoples babies and what they are doing! Anyways I thought I was reading about my little guy at first, this past Tuesday he started running a 103.4 fever so we took him to the Dr and he has the rotten FLU! Almost 8 months old with the Flu and he is very pitiful and not eating well, very weak and sluggish too. Well I really hope Jackson gets to feeling better soon, Aiden went back to the Dr today still running a fever and he lost 8 oz since Tuesday! Oh well hoping little Jackson gets better soon, he is a doll!

Alicia said...

Oh, poor Jackson! Since Chloe was just recently sick I have a very fresh image in my mind of a sick vomity little one. I know docs don't get excited about fevers much anymore, but it still scares me to see such a high number on the thermometer! What can they give Jackson for his infections?

Jason, Taryn, and Landon Richard said...


I'm so sorry you guys aren't feeling well!! If there is anything I can do to help, give me a call...seriously!

Off subject...hoping American Idol is a better week this week and that Antonella will finally get voted off! I thought of you when they all got cut on Thursday! Feel free to give me a call next elmination round...I get pretty into it :)

Have a great week!

Shyla said...

They gave jackson amoxicillin. So, twice a day he smiles when he sees the tasty orange goop filled syringe coming his way! :)

partyofsix said...

poor jackson & poor shyla!

i hope he is feeling better by now!

thanks for your sweet words and for praying for us.

love you, janelle

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