Thursday, February 01, 2007


Now, call me pregnant, but did anyone watch american idol last night? There was a 60+ yr. old man (Sherman Pore) on the show last night who came petition in hand in order to be able audition in front of the judges (cut off age is 28). His wife (who had cancer and was the inspiration for his appearance) died 2 days before his audition. So, he shows up, the judges ask him why he was even there - he proceeded to tell this heartbreaking/warming story about his "love" and then sang "You belong to me" with his sincere, aged, touching voice - I BAWLED!! Sheesh!! It was so tender. Hormones.


Jackson is CLAPPING!! I have video, and i will post it later. He is such a FUN FUN FUN little boy! I love everyday with him! Nathan and I just laugh all of the time.
I was so bummed the other day b/c I had been giving Jackson strawberries - HE LOVED THEM (in fact, he would get so excited when he saw them, that he nearly squealed!!). But then, the diaper rash from haities - seriously!! Poor tooshy! I felt horrible! I thought i had my "do not feed" list memorized - guess not. Strawberries are not your friend...until later of course! He'll be glad to be reunited!

Well, Jackson's up now, gotta run. Have a nice day!


Jen & Mark said...

i saw that guy sing last night and i did tear up although i have been pretty stressed and tired. it was very sweet - don't worry you weren't the only one.

Busch family said...

Hey Shyla,
I saw American Idol last night too. How sweet that there are still older people in the world with lots of romance left. It gives me hope!
I hope that you're feeling better, and that Jackson's rash is quickly disappearing. Gotta love new foods.
The clapping is so fun too! Silas just did it one day out of the blue. It definitely surprised me. He still loves to clap. Every now and then we watch Wheel of Fortune and he loves it, probably because half the show is clapping!
Anyway, I'm enjoying your posts. I'm sure we'll have much more to chat about as the Idol season progresses. :)

ashley said...

Ok, I know I'm not pregnant, and I did cry, so it's just your sensitive side=) It was very sweet! Hope you're doing well and feeling better.

Abby Turner said...

Of course I cried! I attribute it to my pregnancy, overtiredness (is that really a word?) and life in general! It was sooo sweet, and I just had to smile at my husband that much bigger!

Poor Jackson and the diaper rash. I'll have to keep strawberries in mind when this baby is old enough to eat!!!

Heather said...

I totally missed it...stink...I don't know the last time i missed American Idol!!

His poor little bottom...hopefully it gets better soon!

How have you been feeling???

Jocelyn Pagano said...

I got teary-eyed too. I always cry on Extreme Home Makeover...Selena even shed a few tears on that once when she was pregnant and she NEVER cries!

Jocelyn Pagano said...

I was extremely allergic to strawberries was I was younger. I would break out in terrible exzyma all over my body if I ate them or was around them - which stunk because my grandpa had a strawberry patch and all my siblings and cousins went with him to pick strawberries and I couldn't:(. I did grow out of that allergy around 12 or so and I am fine with them now.

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