Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Leaf Trauma?

I need a little education. Perhaps you all can help me.

I grew up in Canada. In the Fall, when the leaves are falling off of the trees we had to spend hours outside raking up the leaves, bagging them and putting them out for trash pick up. This resulted in blisters, splinters, runny noses and an overall satisfaction of a job well done.

I have noticed lately that there are a number of people here in PA who are raking their leaves into the street. This has been the biggest pet peeve of mine b/c to me - it's rude and lazy. But apparently this is the norm here in PA. I guess some truck comes by from the city and scoops them up for you. There is a town near us who just passed a law that you are no longer able to put your leaves out in the street anymore b/c they are clogging storm drains and polluting the water system. Sounds like a reasonable reason to me, but the people are up in arms that they could be fined if they don't get their leaves out of the street.

WOW!! A truck that comes and scoops up leaves you have pushed out of your yard and into the street??? (pardon the run on) That's really nice - sheesh! Where was this when I was in Junior high spending my saturday mornings consumed by the bagging of leaves.

So, What's it like where you live?
Are you still involved in good ol' back breaking labor, or are you part of the elite who can push them into the street?


TwoMuths said...

We have a truck that comes to our house to scoop the leaves. This is new (and weird) for us as well, as we've always lived outside the city limits until now, where you can throw your leaves into the woods, burn them or bag them as you see fit.

The city comes around twice to get leaves, but if you're too lazy to get them out there, you have to bag them in expensive brown yard waste bags and pay $3 each for the city to come haul them away.

Alicia said...

That's how it works in Ohio, too! But people here don't rake leaves to the street, they put them in nice piles on the curb. Some get into the road but not many. We really appreciate the service because it saves us tons of time.

journeyer said...

Tim and I are definitely still doing good ol' back breaking work. We have a fenced in back yard and a HUGE tree. He did 3 bags the other day and you couldn't even tell. If we put them in clear garbage bags the city will pick them up on garbage day.

ashley said...

Ok, so you know where I grew up...we just threw the leaves in the woods or burned them. But, out here we can't do either!! It's too dry to start a fire, and no woods near us. The first time Jim and I raked leaves, I thought it was so weird to be putting them in bags for the trash man!

Sarah said...

I hate raking leaves!!! I was the put through the same hard labor that you were put through. Every Saturday was raking leaves day. It was AWFUL!!! Then one day my mom goes out to buy something to "help" out with the leaves. She bought a mulcher??? What in the world??? Does a mulcher pick up leaves?...NO. Does a mulcher bag the leaves?...NO. It was just more work!!! We moved two years ago and the new house doesn't have any leaves!!! It is great!!!

Since this comment is already long, I'm just going to keep going:)

I was reading one of your previous blogs and you used the word "boohiss". I died laughing!!! It's a Shyla word:) lol:) I can just see you saying it!!!

So Taryn had a baby boy:) I'm going to take some time off work and come to PA for a week. It's Dec 9-14. I really really really want to see you and Jackson!!! So we need to plan something ok:)

Talk to ya later:)

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