Saturday, May 27, 2006

scroll down for birth story!!


mike and nicole said...

I am so jealous!!! I am Nicole, Christina's sister, wife to Mike sherf. You don't really know me I'm sure but I was trying to go to the sams club website and i somehow got to your blog on accident. When I saw the baby, i recalled my sister talking about your pregnancy and had to read all about it. I was induced so I didn't go through all the waiting like you did, which part of me wishes i could've and part of me is glad i didn't have to. And...Jackson!!!! I have loved that name and my husband said no way but that I could name our dog Jackson. I did, but please don't take offense. I have actually talked to him lately about the name and i think the dog could become Jay because we call him that enough anyway...and then I might just get my jackson. I am so sure that you care about all of this since you don't even really know me, but I was so relating to you story and I have been talking to my sister about you, all good, and your pregnancy. FYI we also had a dog named chase when we were little. kindof funny huh?

Anonymous said...

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