Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Look to the Ant??

It's interesting how you can be snooping around other people's blogs all day long and then take days to realize that you haven't written in your own.

Let's just start with the reason for the title of my post.

You've all seen pics of our darling little home in PA. Well, as we were off worshipping the Lord at our annual Missions conference - there was a great pestilence that was taking over our kitchen.
We arrived home - exhausted and ready for bed and Nate said "babe, look at the floor!"
NOT COOL!!! Little tiny ants just crawling everywhere. Now, I can't say that the floor is vacuumed everyday - I can't say that I am cooking everyday to have to vacuum - but my oh my were these little critter's uncalled for!!

To make matters worse, our Academy was closed for 2 days due to a lice outbreak - therefore at this point, I was feeling more than itchy.

Nate hopped right in there and saved the day - sucking all (all we could see) up into the vacuum. MY HERO!
Nate set ant traps before we went to bed and I could have puked this AM when I woke up and saw all of the dead ants that had swarmed the traps. (enter puking sound here)

"Look to the ant you sluggard...consider her ways and be wise..." if you just stopped there, I would have to say that by the looks of them fooled by the traps - they're not so smart afterall! :)

So, even though I can see that there is a greater lesson to be learned from the Ant from this passage in proverbs - I would rather not see them on my kitchen floor!!

Anyone know the number of the Orkin man?


Tyararr J. Jones said...

I think I see ants crawling in your hair. Doesn't that make you itch? Haha !!! Later

Alicia said...

We had ants a few times in our old apartment. Except ours were HUGE black things. Ick! Ants are definitely hard workers but I wouldn't call them smart by any means. The reason that ant poison stuff works so well is that it tastes a bit sweet so they think it's food. Then they regurgitate a bit of it to fellow ants in their colony and then before you know it all the ants are feasting on the poison.

I'm a bug enthusiast, hope you didn't mind the free lesson. :) It's the science lover in me I guess!

Here's to ant free days ahead,

Heather said...

Ants and Lice....I would have to say that while reading this I became a little bit itchy. :) We had ants in our home in PA, but only when the weather changed from warm to cold. Orkin had to come and spray the foundation of our home to get rid of them. They wouldn't leave on their own that was for sure. YUK!!!


pamela s said...

I would much rather have ants than what we had! We are the only white people in our town house community. Everyone else is Asian & Indian - nothing against that, but they buy their rice and other things in bulk which has the tendency to attract bugs. Well, our Indian neighbors so nicely shared their cockroaches with us. Although our townhouse is sprayed every 3 mos. they kept appearing. After a week away, we had 20-25 dead ones laying on my kitchen floor - who knows how many were living! Thankfully, after a couple extra sprays, and one of those plug in things they're gone!

Sarah said...

Gross!!! I was going to email you about the lice infestation. I heard about it from Taryn. I am so afraid to get lice. I was praying that Maranatha wouldn't have another breakout the only year I was there!:)

Karen said...

Sorry about your ant pestilence, but trust me--you'd rather have that than a plague of the fleas! That's why murder one is foremost in my mind whenever I think of Trango. We've been fighting them since autumn, and I just picked one off my ankle a few minutes ago. Good luck, nevertheless!

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