Friday, January 06, 2006

23 down 17 to go!

Yesterday I went in to the OBGYN to have our first ultrasound done since the baby was a bean and wouldn't you know it! My Dr. had left 10 min. before my appointment to deliver twins. Boohiss. I couldn't stay sad too long b/c I may need him to rush out to deliver my baby - wouldn't want some pregnant lady bitter at me! :) I was bummed though b/c we were REALLY looking forward to seeing our little one! But, we got to hear it's heart beat and I have been able to feel the baby move recently! That's been really neat! The Lord even allowed Nate to catch a bit of the movement which can't really be detected from the outside yet.
God is so good and we are so thankful for this gift He has entrusted us with! Please continue to pray for continued health for me and the baby. Everything's on track and the weight gain of mommy and baby is too! - so that's nice. :)
OK! ok!!! For all of you who keep asking to see my tummy... here are a couple pics....
enjoy! :P

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