Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Isn't that nice....

So, not only is the NBA filled with a bunch of whining babies about their newly implemented dress code, (WAAAA Alan Iverson - and no, no one should have to pay for your new clothes!!) but now, we have Sheryl Swoopes of the WNBA coming out (literally) and declaring she's a lesbian. Isn't that nice.
Her biggest fear is that she won't be looked up to as a role model anymore "I don't want that to happen," she said. "Being gay has nothing to do with the three gold medals or the three MVPs or the four championships I've won. I'm still the same person. I'm Sheryl."
That's really nice.
Not to mention what her family, ex-husband, 8 year old child, and GOD thinks about her choice.
It's really not nice at all.
She acknowledges that it is a choice for her. She wasn't born this way she says, it just happened. So, what about the fall out when she "just decides" that she no longer wants to be a lesbian anymore.
People make real messes for themselves these days.
One more reason why I need to be the kind of woman that God created me to be so that my kids don't have to look up to and desire to be a mirror image of carnal adults! If I can show them Christ in my life, Lord willing, they will desire to be like no other.

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